by Dead Heat

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released December 20, 2016

Recorded/Mixed & Mastered by Nick Jett @ Jet to Mars Studios



all rights reserved


Dead Heat Oxnard, California



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Track Name: Dead Heat
I take all the things I see
As what they are, just murder to me.
Another body lying in the street.
And they're killing us off with their warranted heat.
No justice left for another life cut short.
There's a war on the streets that nobody's won.
They live and we die with no room to speak.
It's over their heads, it's all just capital punishment.
So what do we have left to lose
When taking a life is no more an excuse?
Their code of honor is no longer used
In this sick sad world filled with badge abuse.
Can't stop to think and breathe
When another peace is dying in me.
Take my rights. I won't move.
Just remember in the end you'll lose.
Dying. Bleeding.
Put bullet in my chest.
Lying. Deceiving.
Put them to the test.
Lying to the world
That you say is true.
When the only thing that matters
Is the dollar to you.
Killing in the name of a badge that's blue.
Why is it the only crime when we turn on you?
Track Name: Fool's Hand
Made a mess of the things you knew.
You tried it all and came back with few.
The only step you took was back
Into a hole that you dug in the past.
And maybe one day you will become stable
But for now you're like an unbalanced scale.
Tipping forward into the unknown
You've passed the point of no return.
There's no return for you.
You've been given a fool's hand
But for some reason you keep playing it.
There's no sign of stopping now.
You're insecurities won't let you quit. No.
A fool's hand has been cursed upon you.
And when the cards are placed on the table
You're only choice will be disabled.
Track Name: Crowned Misfortune
There's something inside my head.
It won't let me think.
No room to comprehend.
Damage done to a broken soul.
There's no healing.
There's no more control.
Why me? I ask myself.
Find peace? Only time will tell.
Still talking about the same old shit
Probably because I'm not over it.
All loss and no reward
Kills what's left in this world.
"Another year gone by
And nothing left to show for it."