Access Denied/ S​.​E​.​E​.​D.

by Dead Heat

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released March 11, 2017

Recorded/Mixed & Mastered by Nick Jett @ Jet to Mars Studios



all rights reserved


Dead Heat Oxnard, California



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Track Name: Access Denied
So can we come to terms with this.
You've made up everything just to exist.
No need to try and justify.
I can see what you're saying but all I'm hearing are lies.

You lost your way.

Excuses trembling from your mouth.
Will you continue like the rest?
Type your words with a sorry reply.
Safe to say, that shit ain't your best.

So no reply to a word I say are you really that mature?
Why can't you swallow the reality?
Keep looking my way but you won't step to me.

I'll make you take back the words you say.
All that time, you throw it away.
Don't try me motherfucker
Because you won't look the same.

Time only exposes the fake from the true.
I won't stand by and let you take everything I hold true.
There's no excuse.
Track Name: S.E.E.D.
Alone in a room I sit
with the memory of my past.
Controlled by drugs.
This containment never lasts.
My faded mind
can't recall much.
But I feel myself
only giving up.

Now I have a thorn in my side
and it's starting to rust.
The blood in my eyes
will only let me see so much.

I refuse to resist
The image left of my selflessness.
I let everything and
everyone around me down.

I search for meaning so I can change.
I crave the feeling so I stay sane.

Everything &
Die around me.